Home Owner Orientation

Home Owner Orientation



A new home is an investment in your family’s future and is an exciting experience.  From our Sales Centre to the Home Decor Centre® to the Pre-Delivery Inspection we are working behind the scenes to build a house that will become your home.

Despite the advancement of technology in many facets of our business, the construction of a house or condominium still requires the skill of tradesmen; concrete foundations, framing, plumbing, cabinets, floor tile, hardwood flooring, windows and doors ~ all of this and more need the hands, skill and experience of the men and women who make up our trade partners.  Construction is a hands-on, time-honoured tradition, making your home as unique as you are.

Homeowner Orientations are provided to help our Customers gain an understanding of the process of constructing a new home from the time of sale to the time of possession.  Held at the Home Decor Centre’s® Conservatory University Room, we offer valuable insight and information in the process of constructing your new home.  Making finishing selections, take possession of the property, an introduction to Customer Care® and the Customer Care® Portal and how to maintain and protect your investment.

Please check with the Home Decor Centre® for Homeowner Orientation availability for your home.